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Modern Farmers: Ancient Wisdom

About us...

We are a community of Jewish farmers and food system professionals from around the world working to integrate ancient Jewish agricultural wisdom into our lives. Together, we are building a community where every part of your identity is welcome; leave nothing at the door. 

Long ago, our agrarian ancestors codified a calendar of holidays that reflected both their storied history and the agricultural movements of the seasons. After thousands of years of diaspora, displacement, persecution and exile, much of the Jewish community regards the agricultural tenants of the Jewish tradition as mere metaphor. We are bringing this rich body of wisdom back to life in the fields of our farmers.

What's happening here...

As a member of this Jewish Farmer Network community  platform, we're excited to offer you a virtual space that is unique to our community. 

Here's what's inside:

  • Exclusive content, conversations, and projects you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Connection to a Jewish community that understands your personal constellation of interests and identities no matter how unique. 
  • Local community building by finding Jewish farmers near you.

  • Stories, experiences, and ideas around a shared journey towards integrating vocation and tradition.

  • Answers to the burning questions that sometimes even Rabbi Google can't answer. 

  • Inspiration and encouragement from your peers.

  • Special discount codes from the Vermont Compost Company and Hudson Valley Seed Company

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our sponsors: the Vermont Compost Company & the Hudson Valley Seed Company for their generosity.  

the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation and all of our beloved donors for supporting our work!

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